August Laustsen

Perfect Fit

Perfect Fit

Finding the right ski boot is all about finding a boot that fits you perfectly. To dramatise this, we turned to the online trend 'Perfect fits' where different unexpected objects fits perfectly together. 

In september 2018 the campaign will go live online and in X stores across the world.


The internet is obsessed with perfect fits. From random cookies that fits into a mug to vacuum cleaners fitting perfectly into a corner in an apartment. 

We wanted to be part of this trend but make it about skiing and Atomics new boots in particular.
To do so, we created a visual story about a ski experience where everything fits perfectly.

Each picture does not only represent a perfect fit, but also something that makes you a better skier or a feature of the boot.
From the importance of eating right to the books symbolising the three different widths of the boot.

The pictures will be used in different social channels and as POS material in more than 500 ski shops across the planet.

Instore material – press on the pictures to see a larger version.

CD: Andreas Ullenius, CW: Erik Ström, AD: August Laustsen